Seek fairer vote – NO on Prop #19

Hello supporters of Proportional Representation,

Canadians are ahead of us in the United States in understanding PR. I thought you might enjoy the recent editorial from the Saskatoon Starphoenix. I especially liked their suggestion that we find and support candidates committed to PR.  If we just made a habit of asking candidates about  their understanding of PR, we might encourage them to get more educated on the subject.  The November General Election will give us a good opportunity to explain to Seattle voters why they should vote NO on Proposition #19 which would cut up the City into 7 Council Districts.  This misguided proposal is actually a step in the wrong direction but most of its supporters don’t understand why.

Attached is a (PDF) one page flyer that you may find helpful to reprint and share with your friends.

Janet Anderson, Chair

Washington Citizens for Proportional Representation